Telehealth Operational Support Solutions

Beyond the doctors and nurses who care for your patients, our support teams can help you provide the tools and information to help your patients reach their optimal physical and mental health.

Jamison stands ready to support the implementation of virtual healthcare systems within your organization.  Whether you are a small family practice or a regional healthcare system, we can guarantee that our focus will be the same as yours: on providing accessible, affordable, and timely care to your patients to support their health and well-being.  In our work with the VA over the past year, the importance of user-friendly, easily installed, and accessible telehealth systems has really come to light. The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed previously unimaginable limitations on the patient’s ability to leave their homes and safely access routine medical care.  We are also aware of the incredible burden that COVID has imposed on our healthcare providers and facilities, as they try to safely provide services to the patients in their care.  At this time more than ever before, there is an increasing need for support teams who can educate and guide patients through the ever-changing telehealth landscape. Jamison is your go-to source for telehealth operational support solutions. 

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