Document/Record Operational Support Solutions

We recognize the critical nature of the information housed in documents provided to us for scanning or record management services.

We illustrate care with which each document that must be scanned, indexed, and uploaded.   We have a long history of handling critical information, documentation, and media.  We also understand that the document accuracy and Integrity must be the priority level that is why we utilize a Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS).   For the document imaging activities, we would provide high speed scanners from companies like Panasonic, Fujitsu, Canon, and Kodak.  All our scanning equipment allows the document to scan in Black/White, Color or Gray Scale Format from 300‐600 DPI into searchable PDF format.  JPS can also provide a large format scanner from Graphtec or Contex for digitization of documents over 11 * 17. And when using a Flatbed scanner to digitize any documents,  we ensure the integrity and quality of the documents are maintained.  

Interested in our Document/Record Operational Support Solutions?